​​Before emailing technical support, please understand this is "New Technology" and involves a new learning curve.  You will learn over the next few days how to find and where to find everything you could possibly want to view.  So please play around with your box, go into many different areas inside of SPMC before calling us.

Q. The donut keeps spinning, buffering or freezing. 
     1. On the A-Box, Go into settings, click on wifi, click on your wifi where it says connected and

         another scream will open. The third line will say your link speed. 
      2. Go to www.speedtest.net on a laptop that uses wifi and run a speed test. It will tell you ping,

          upload and download speeds.

      3. Please write down your speeds also and then email them to us at aboxtv2014@gmail.com.

Q. When I open SPMC, it asks if I want to install a new version of KODI?  What do I do?
A.  Click on DISMISS, never do the update!
Q. How do I save to favorites with the mini keyboard?

     If you have the small remote you only need to press the button on the right side that has three lines on it
    1. Go to SPMC
    2. Go to TV shows 
    3. Highlight series you want to add to favorites
    4. Hit the letter C on keyboard
    5. Add to super favorites
    6. Super favorites
    7. Favorite TV
    8. OK

Q. My SPMC now looks like Blue bubbles what do I do?
    1. SPMC
    2. Arrow over to system and click on the word system
    3. Click on appearance
    4. On the right click on skin
    5. Make sure it is on Aeon Nox 5

Q. I am having SOUND issues, what do I do?

    1. First check... Settings, then sound, select volume, make sure media is more to the left and not all the way to             the right. 
    2. If you have a keyboard please make sure the F 10 button has not been pressed.

    3. If you're using remotes you need to make sure the mute button has not been pressed and that the volume             button is all the way turned up.      

    4. Please also check your own television remote to make sure the volume is not on mute and that volume is up.
You must understand we do not control your sound it has nothing to do with our product it has to do with               keyboard and remotes.
Q. Where to find Sports & News?


2. Arrow over to sports

3. Underneath use Phoenix TV,  one events or live TV 

4. BBTS  

5. Live Mix

6. Dimsports

7. Sportsdevil

Q. Where is the best place to view Episodes?

A. Exodus